INFINITE-LIFE.EUléčebné a sebepoznávací expedice do Peru

Basic information

Basic information

    There are several expeditions to Peru every year. The membership fee is 2 800 USD 
( 2246 EUR in current rate). A half of this sum, i.e. 1 400 USD (1123 EUR in current rate), has to be paid to our bank account in advance. This sum will be used to cover the costs of local flights, car, bus and ship transportation, as well as the cost of all equipment necessary in this expedition, depending on the location of stay, etc. The second half of this sum can be paid on arrival. It covers the wages for the staff who take care of the participants during the whole stay, accommodation and food costs, as well as rewards to the shamans. It is necessary to have at least 300 USD (240 EUR in current rate) as pocket money. Peru is not a “cheap country”. You do not need to bring tents, hammocks or mosquito nets, as they are available at the place of your stay.

    Each participant can ensure his/her air ticket individually, or you can contact us (make sure to do it in time) and we will ensure the air ticket for you. The price of air ticket is not included in the membership fee. The price of air ticket ranges between 750 EUR and 988 EUR (depending on how many days prior to the departure for Peru the air ticket was bought  +  approx. 40 EUR for health assurance).
No vaccinations are required.
No special visa is required.
Knowledge of the Spanish language is not necessary.

        To ensure a binding reservation for this expedition, you must pay the deposit of 1 400 USD in advance, and give us your passport number, so that we can arrange for your local flights in Peru.
Cancelling policy:
-  7 days prior to the beginning of your stay in Peru   -  the deposit is non-refundable
- 14 days prior to the beginning of your stay in Peru - 50% of the deposit is refundable
The expedition lasts approx. 14 days. It is not a tour.

Expeditions are aimed at:
1.    In-depth self-knowledge (becoming familiar with our inner mighty power and our Essence, gaining insight into our past lives and knowing the energy of our ancestors).
2.    Deep cleansing of the entire organism and biofield as well as a very intensive detoxification.
3.    Elimination of health problems (shamanic cleansing and strengthening of organs, cells and the whole body).
4.    Removing life obstacles (shamanic cleansing of subconsciousness and biofield from all limiting codes and programs that have been limiting our lives).
5.    Development of healing abilities.
6.    Development of clairvoyance, the ability of consciously leaving the body, and the ability to communicate with the subtle teachers.
7.    Recognition of the true nature of reality and a conscious contact with the highest divine power - the Absolute Consciousness.
    The expeditions are not exceptionally demanding as regards the participants’ physical condition. Transportation is ensured everywhere (by high-quality means of transport considering  the South American conditions). An experienced medical doctor is present during the whole expedition. His firs-aid kit includes anti-venom serums needed in the case of snake bites, antihistamines needed in the case of allergic reactions, etc. Where the circumstances allow, a good accommodation is provided. However, the participants have to accept the fact that this expedition often moves outside what we call “civilized” areas, such as the virginal rain forest, a desert or mountains, where it is necessary to sleep in tents, eat meals prepared in a field kitchen, etc.

The participants have to provide the following information in advance:
1.    Your name and surname (they must be the same as they are in your passport)
2.    Your current photo (not older than 1 month) on which you are the only person
3.    Your date of birth
4.    The date of the expedition you want to take part in
5.    Your passport number (it must be valid for at least 6 month after your return from Peru) 
6.    Your phone number including country code 
7.    Do you want us to ensure the air ticket for you? What is your preferred place of departure (Prague/Vienna)?
8.    Detailed description of your medical status
9.    Your medication
10.    Are you presently taking, or did you during the last two years take any anti-depressants?  (state their names) 
11.    Are you presently using,  or did you during the last two years take any substances altering the state of consciousness?  (state their names)
12.    Do you consume alcoholic drinks, or smoke? 
13.    Why do you want to participate in this expedition? Choose from:
•    I want to heal myself from a serious illness
•    I want to better my health condition
•    I want to revitalize myself
•    I want to develop my extraordinary abilities, etc.
Please send this info together with your photograph to this e-mail: